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Snow and Ice Services Contractor When you need us, we will be there.

When the winter hits we are ready to go.

Caan Group is a professional snow and ice control contractor. Caan Group Inc provides affordable, worry-free snow removal services for the Greater Chicago land Area. With over 25 years of combined snow removal management experience, Caan Group has the knowledge and resources to handle all your snow removal needs. You’ll discover that we take great pride in giving our customers a safe winter environment with outstanding customer service.We feel there are three objectives we must meet when we service your property. The first being safety, the second is a snow service that is tailored to meet your budget, the last, and most important, is to provide our clients with exceptional service every time. Our approach to snow services is to plan for it. Snow planning takes place in the summer.  When you need us, we will be there.

When the winter hits we are ready to go. We have advanced weather tracking service. Allowing us to deploy our crews to your facilities quickly. We use the right equipment for the right job whether that be a small office, large shopping malls, industrial, or multi-family residential. We have wheel loaders, skid steers, ATVs, snow pushers, plow trucks, salt trucks, and sidewalk crews.  Ask us what we can do for you. Click Here to visit our contact page!  When you need us, we will be there.

 Caan Group’s services include snow plowing, ice control, snow hauling, De-icing, sidewalk clearing, shoveling and maintenance. In order to achieve this, we deploy a vast fleet of commercial grade snowplows, snow blowers, snow pushers, front-end loaders and skid steers. We provide complete winter services for condominium/apartment buildings, corporate offices, retail stores, industrial properties, shopping centers, hospitals, town home communities, individual homes and more. When you need us, we will be there.

Professionally Insured

Caan Group is fully insured and carries snow-specific coverage to protect your assets in the event of an accident. Without proper snow coverage, your assets may be at risk. A certificate of coverage is available upon request. When you need us, we will be there.

Service Areas

Fast Response Times

The Greater Chicago land Area weather can change within the matter of minutes. Our team is positioned throughout the area to respond to your needs 24/7. A dedicated 24-hour number is provided to all customers. When you need us, we will be there.

Managing Multiple Properties

If you manage multiple properties, we offer discounted rates. Contact us today to learn how we can save you time and money this winter season. When you need us, we will be there.

24/7 Coverage

Caan Group is dedicated to providing customers with a worry-free service.  Snow removal service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dedicated weather team monitors conditions and forecasts to advise you of any upcoming events, and the needs that may arise for your property. We give you the ultimate peace of mind. When you need us, we will be there.

When the winter hits we are ready to go.